Saturday, September 19, 2009

Myths About Maternity Acupressure

The best times to induce labor using acupressure are:
-when you are already in labor to strengthen contractions, or
-if your water has already broken but you have not gone into labor, or
-if you are overdue and want to stimulate contractions naturally, or
-your physician has ok'd an induction.

Please do NOT attempt acupressure before you've been told an induction is safe by your physician. Many reports out there claim that unless your body is ready for labor, acupressure will not work, and therefore causes no harm. What they don't mention is your body begins preparing for the labor process long before it is safe for you to actually give birth! This means that acupressure can (and has) work before it is meant to, and you can cause harm to yourself or your baby!

By safe, I mean it must be 100% safe for you and your baby. One of the points of using this technique is to ensure a quicker and safer birth, so please don't take any risks. Once your doctor OK's an induction (they will probably talk about a chemical induction at the hospital), then it is just as safe or even more so to do a natural induction using acupressure.

In some cases, even acupressure that was being used to ease back pain or headaches caused labor. These were mostly all recorded in women in their third trimester, but any decent acupressure/acupuncture specialist will tell you not to use it at all after your first trimester unless it's for the purpose of induction.

Just be sure all is well and safe and cleared by your doctor before doing anything. If your doctor doesn't know about acupressure to induce labor, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion. Acupressure is the third most popular way to induce labor, and almost all doctors should know about it.

When you are sure it is safe, you can visit this page for preparation info: click here.